Our Values

Results-driven culture + Teamwork + Entrepreneurial spirit


X-PM Transition Management


X-PM formula is about strengthening your management teams by drawing on an unrivaled pool of executives from across the globe.  However, our biggest advantage, and what distinguishes us from our rivals, stems from a lot more than just talent sourcing.

At X-PM, we are highly motivated, results-driven, with inculcate teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit as our core values.

Results-driven culture

Companies do not seek to strengthen their management for pleasure or by accident; they do so only because they want results. X-PM starts by dividing this goal into a series of concrete objectives, enabling us to provide the adequate resources required to fulfill them as quickly as possible.


The greatest quality of our talent pool is their ability to galvanize teams on the ground. The teamwork we achieve with our clients and our transition managers is the major reason for our continuous success.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our mission is to inspire clients to broaden their ambitions by giving them the means to launch and succeed in new projects.