Organizations rely on their Chief Financial Officer when making key decisions that determine the success of their enterprises, and interim CFO’s can be a vital resource when a company needs help with budgeting, forecasting, cash flow planning, financial consolidation, M&A transaction support, market entry or market exit. 

An interim CFO can also assist by filling a gap in an organization due to some discontinuity, such as the sudden departure of the “permanent” CFO.

Successful CFOs are those that collaborate with the Board and the other top executives, advising them when they need to make key decisions and facilitating the implementation of corporate strategy. 

Interim CFO’s need to be able to help their organizations with technological disruption, market uncertainties and constantly changing regulations. And they need to do all this while driving down costs, protecting against risks and and remaining in compliance with the laws in every jurisdiction in which their company operates.

Companies often require an experienced interim CFOto immediately take over the responsibilities of their former CFO. This need typically arises when the incumbent CFO suddenly quits or falls sick for an extended period. In such situations, there’s no time to search for a permanent replacement, so leading companies rely on X-PM to deploy an experienced CFO from our global talent pool. No matter where your company is located in the world, we can help you fill in the gap caused by the sudden departure of your CFO. 

X-PM is a leading provider of experienced interim CFO’s to clients around the world to support projects, handle crises and manage discontinuities. 


  • They need to improve their finance and accounting processes, or implement new systems (e.g. ERP).
  • They need to acquire, spin off, restructure or shut down existing operations.
  • The need to integrate a newly acquired business into their existing operations.
  • They need help to accelerate the implementation of digitial transformation projects.
  • They need to improve decision-making of the Board or CEO.
  • They need to raise money via private equity, debt or public offering.
  • They are need to deal with a case of financial fraud, or implement systems to avoid such fraud in the future.
  • They need an immeidate teporary replacement for a CFO who has departed suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Whether you need a seasoned interim CFO to manage finance transformation and performance improvement activities, deal with a financial crisis or fill a temporary organization gap during a period of discontinuity, X-PM has the the right interim CFO for your organization, no matter where in the world you are located.