X-PM has developed a 3-step process for successful project management :

1. Assess

During the initial phase, we assess the challenges, risks and priorities at hand. An action plan and project governance scheme will also be established at this stage.

2. Implement

During the execution phase, the interim executive will manage implementation of the different stages of the project and ensure communications and reporting, with support from an X-PM Partner. The manager will provide regular progress updates and suggest solutions to any problems encountered at regular Steering Committee meetings.

3. Withdraw

This phase involves the transfer of responsibility for the work undertaken to in-house team to ensure the sustainability of results achieved. This phase can begin at an early stage of the assignment.

In short :

  • Galvanise teams as fast as possible
  • Anticipate and address any external uncertainties while constantly evaluating and reframing the priorities
  • Ensure all actions are sustainable in the long term