With the ever-increasing digital revolution and changing landscapes, companies are now facing greater business transformation challenges with regard to M&A, restructuring, change and the evolution of new business models. Change is no longer voluntary but necessary. C-level executives, especially the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) play a significant role in managing these changes and transformations in a company, thereby ensuring that the top management of the company works together to successfully effect change. We are experts in aligning strategy, leadership and people.

In cases where the company does not have the right internal resources or specialized roles, X-PM provides highly qualified executives from our global talent pool.

Past X-PM Missions

  • Establish a mining company in Azerbaijan
  • Reorganize the R&D activities of an agri-food group
  • Conduct the recovery proceedings of a hospital

X-PM’s Transition Managers are committed to delivering successful transformation projects. They ensure that they always put the right resources at the forefront. This enables them to develop new executives, build a robust future for them and the organization.