As opportunities to create value in the Private Equity sector continue to grow, you are constantly negotiating an increasingly complex and competitive market. Our Private Equity clients want a trusted recruitment partner to work with as they navigate their way through challenges.

We provide the best talent management solutions at every phase of a Private Equity transaction – from evaluating a potential acquisition, through to building the portfolio company, to selling it at the right price:

  • Evaluating a potential portfolio company, its management and operations
  • Early days of owning a portfolio company: Implement the 100-day programme
  • Midlife of owning a portfolio company
  • Exiting a portfolio company

Uniquely, we have built an elite talent pool of Interim Managers who have experience working with Private Equity firms. They understand the “Model” and its particular set of challenges including ambitious growth targets. They demonstrate transformational thinking and analytical rigour.

Evaluating a potential portfolio company, its management and operations

Our experts will obtain the right information to make the best assessment about the current and future enterprise value.  They have the knowledge and expertise to assess the management team, the operational processes and the specific business issues. We can also deliver non-executive directors or a CFO to prepare an acquisition, or a CEO to lead a management buy-in.

Early days of owning a portfolio company

We can provide senior executives who can implement a 100-day programme aimed at performance improvement or business turnaround. All our interims coach or replace the management team at short notice, when timing is critical.

Midlife of owning a portfolio company

At this stage our clients may need to create value through Buy & Build strategies; find suitable add-on acquisitions and integrate them into the business; develop new international markets or replace a CEO to reinvigorate the business. We can help at every step.  We provide experienced people with the right skills – from integration managers to CEOs with Private Equity experience.

Exiting a portfolio company

Whether this involves other investors or the company being floated on the stock market, or both options being considered at the same time, the management team can be reinforced or rebalanced to create the best value at exit.

We can deliver experienced executive interim leaders at short notice to oversee lasting change. These executives can assume various responsibilities. They might be an experienced CFO who can help prepare for a public listing or an executive manager to support the exit transaction and make sure that management is aligned with the owner’s and/or seller’s agenda. These individuals can replace or supplement your existing management team, working seamlessly across national borders if necessary.