As companies race to implement new digital solutions, it’s easy to become consumed with the technology itself. From AI to blockchain, the Internet of Things to augmented reality, organizations worldwide are devoted to identifying the potential.

But once the right strategy has been agreed the technology is no longer so important. The focus needs to be on people, not tech. Here’s why…

Employee acceptance

New digital processes and solutions inevitably fail if they aren’t successfully embraced by the workforce. The technology can be the best in the world, but if your people don’t understand or like it, they won’t adapt to new ways of working.

Communicating with your staff is the most crucial part of digital transformation, and there needs to be a constant flow of information from the very early stages right through to the innovation becoming business as usual.

People need to understand the reasons for the change, the problems that will be solved and their own individual roles in embedding the new approach. Aligning Strategy, Leaders and your people is critical to success.

Customer communication

Most digital transformation projects involve changes that improve the experience for customers. But many of your customers are resistant to change and may not see the benefits in the way you imagine.

Not only do you need to communicate as thoroughly and effectively as you do with your employees; you must also rigorously test the customer experience.

Is the new solution easy to use and intuitive? How can customers get help if they need it? What questions will they have and how can you address them effectively?