It’s easy to feel helplessness when your business has a serious challenge. X-PM can definitely help I such situations. Our global network consists of several decades of business experience, leadership, and in-depth understanding of complex challenges faced by our clients. For rapid results that improve performance, one of our offices will assume overall responsibility for the assignment. They will select and appoint the very best senior executive or team from our global talent pool of executive interim professionals – experienced turnaround and restructuring specialists who will save the profitable core business whilst turning around the company. They can rapidly deliver lasting results.

X-PM can help you find the right solutions. We are well versed in managing stakeholders, in making timely decisions and taking corrective action.

We can assist you when your business:

  • Faces financial stress or distress
  • Experiences long-term eroding profitability
  • Falls behind its competitors
  • Is suddenly faced with unexpected crises/situations
  • Is preparing to restructure

The assistance we offer ranges from locating a new chief executive to lead a turnaround project, a CRO to transfer assets and activities, or a CFO to manage cash flow and to negotiate bank debt.