SportsHub Pte Ltd (“SHPL”) is the entity established to manage the Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) relating to the Singapore SportsHub (“SSH”). The objective of the SSC for the SSH is to make it an integrated complex, hosting all year long, seven days a week, a large number of sports or non-sports events, offering state-of-the-art facilities for a wide variety of sports practices, together with comprehensive shopping and entertainment facilities.

In recent months the S$1.33 billion (US$1.06 billion) Singapore Sports Hub has come under fire for its less-than-perfect pitch, which has drawn criticism from national footballers as well as international coaches. The recently-unveiled stadium played host to Italian Serie A champions Juventus in August and an international friendly between Japan and five-time FIFA World Cup champion Brazil on Oct 14. The abysmal condition of the National Stadium grass, unfortunately, stole international headlines.

Due to the current situation, the Client requested X-PM to help identify a transition Project Director for 6 month to assist in procuring a pitch or in completing remedial works needed by present pitch.


X-PM will provide SPHL with a transition Pitch Project Director (PPD) for six months to address the following requirements:-

  • The PPD must have experience in project turnaround situations and procurement of supplies and services similar to the case in point
  • The PPD must help SHPL make the best use of experts involved in the design and implementation of the solution
  • The PPD must be able to manage the contractor(s) and supplier(s) that will carry out the remedial works and manage the pitch for the following year
  • The PPD will have to cover contract management as well as reporting to the Board and to Client
  • The Mission of the PPD may evolve over the months and cover other project management issues as SHPL may see fit, and will have to pave the way towards a solution of continuity in terms of Facilities Management after the recovery has been achieved


The mission was a success and additional month was requested to finalise & hand over the project to the SHPL team.