The client wanted immediate cost reduction due to the losses incurred in the previous year.
Plant A: Investments had been made to increase capacity significantly, but the mean time between failure (MTBF) was low.
Plant B: This was a new steel plant, but the bottleneck was the hot rolling mill. The objective was to increase throughput by 50%.


The client requested the WIL Group to quickly put in place a team of experts (MTBF, total productive maintenance and metallurgy), on a part-time basis for 18 months.

The India and France offices of the WIL Group handled and coordinated this effort.


The WIL Group set up an initial global audit after taking the management into confidence. Three global experts were involved in the entire process.

Plan A was a real success story, particularly the implementation of a cost-loss matrix, TPM and MTBF.

Quick results were achieved at Plant B by focusing on a few key performance issues. The second phase at Plant B continued with selective capital expenditure.