A European MNC’s subsidiary was under-performing. X-PM provided an interim CEO to optimize processes and fill critical leadership positions. As a result, the subsidiary’s key performance parameters improved substantially.


An Indian subsidiary of a multi-national agro-chemical company had been under-performing for several years. Key issues identified by the global management included:

1.Lack of direction and leadership at the local level;

2.Low morale and motivation among  the field staff;

3.Poor processes and follow-up on strategy execution.


X-PM was quickly able to deploy an experienced senior executive with relevant industry knowledge to take charge as the CEO.

The interim CEO worked in co-ordination with the global management team and set in place a 90-day plan to address key issues.

The interim CEO focused on key problem areas and gaps; he took immediate action by optimizing processes and filling critical vacant leadership positions.


The global management team achieved greater visibility on India operations.

Morale and productivity at the local office improved significantly.

Key performance parameters such as revenue growth, gross margins and number of days outstanding showed significant increase over the previous year.

Channel partner relationships and market perception of the company improved substantially.