A global water solutions company operating in the US, Europe  and Asia decided to establish offices throughout the Middle East and a manufacturing plant in Dubai.  X-PM’s Project Director, an experienced manager from India, provided the leadership to execute the entire project.


As the Client’s sales Middle East had been stagnating for several years, they decided to expand their physical presence in the region.

The project would bring the company closer to customers in the Middle East and was critical to the group’s growth plans in the region.

However, the company was facing enormous difficulties in expanding its foot print in the region due to a lack of internal expertise in managing a project of this size and complexity.


X-PM selected an experienced manager to manage the project. As Interim Project Director, he began by identifying and finalizing  the infrastructure footprint for a manufacturing plant in Dubai and  offices in other countries in the region.

X-PM’s manager engaged at multiple levels: extensive commercial and legal negotiations, the recruitment of key people, the implementation of IT/ERP solutions, management and financial reporting. All operational aspects were monitored and managed by him through sub-groups and by using planning tools such as MS Project.


The project had tight timelines with multiple stakeholders, including local regulatory bodies and banks, making it a challenge to execute on time.

Results were visible after 6 months of intensive project development work. The Client obtained several regulatory approvals and signed agreements to acquire assets to further develop infrastructure. X-PM’s interim manager successfully completed the assignment and executed a smooth hand-over to the permanent team within the Client’s organization.