Seconding an experienced interim HR director to a European engineering service company working in the areas of semiconductors and aerospace.


The client was faced with a key challenge: their previous HR Director was asked to handle another role in the organization, so they were urgently in need of an interim HR Director.

The key deliverables were:
1. Change the recruitment team
2. Efficiently handle employee engagement activities
3. Change Management
4. Select and introduce a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) tool by analyzing different options from vendors
5. Streamline processes and procedures.


X-PM’s solution was to parachute a senior interim HR Director into the organization to focus on the deliverables. The interim HR director:

1. Conducted research, evaluated and negotiated with a few vendors that had strong end-to-end HRIS offerings and finalized the best one.
2. Streamlined the recruitment team by conducting several soft skills sessions for them.
3. Identified the need to outsource payroll processing since one person was earlier handling both this process as well as statutory requirements, compliance procedures, etc.
4. Conducted employee engagement activities and empowered team members with more responsibilities, thereby bringing about change.


X-PM’s hands-on interim manager successfully achieved the following results:

1. Implemented a new HRIS tool
2. Improved employee engagement
3. Streamlined and also changed a few existing policies
4. Enhanced the recruitment team’s performance.