Executive Interim Management in the simplest of terms is ‘Intellectual capital ondemand’. In other words, it involves parachuting a highly experienced manager for a short duration (usually 6 – 9 months) to handle a project, a crisis, or a discontinuity. Companies in The Netherlands were some of the first to use executive interims duringthe 1970s. Executive interim assignments often vary in scope and requirements and encompasses areas like change management, gap management, project management, crisis management, tranisition management, turnaround management, and transformation management.

X-PM’s vision is to address complex global business challenges through interim and transitional management solutions. Our executive interim managers quickly grasp your goals and the changes needed in your organization, from your people, to your corporate culture, and ensure thatthe changes delivered have a lasting legacy. With the business world becoming increasingly globalized, and with many companies undergoing major change and transformation, we are uniquely placed to help clients faced with global issues and challenges like (1) Performance Improvement, (2) Growth & BusinessTransformation, (3) Turnaround & Restructuring, (4) Project &Programme Management, and (5) Solutions for Private Equity.  

X-PM is an executive interim management company operating in Europe and Asia. The business world is becoming increasingly globalised, with many companies undergoing major change and transformation.

X-PM addresses complex business challenges by offering seamless, multi-country interim and transitional management solutions for companies around the world. We successfully achieve this by using a unique “international multi-sourcing” model that leverages the assets of our local and global business.